Saving Body Parts and Lives...

December has already been a busy month!

Charles is home with his family, recovering from surgery #1.  We had a short visit with him a week after he got home and he was very thankful to our amazing supporters that he could begin the process of getting his life back.  Sonko stopped in to see him last week, but Charles was out trying to find work.  Will try to catch up with him before the end of the month. We are so blessed to be part of this process…and it’s you who allowed us to make a major impact on this family’s life! Thank you!

Because of your support, we could step into a few situations and save lives and body parts!
Body parts?

A young boy needed surgical care to save his foot…
A young woman needed surgery following a miscarriage…
A wife in a domestic violence situation needed a knife slash across her face attended to…

The government hospital workers – doctors and nurses are on strike.  Sonko came across a woman at a government hospital who was not being treated…she was alone and had no one to help her.  She was so ill she could not walk.  In her condition, Sonko wasn’t even sure she was going to live.  He and another man picked her up and carried her all the way to another hospital where they could start her treatment.

These things are only possible because of our wonderful supporters who give to our medical fund, Change for Change, and the compassionate, caring members of the Olalo team who step in to help those in need.

There are lives today in Oyugis, Kenya that will see the new year ring on in December 31 because we were there and able to help.

Thank you for making that all possible!

They Said It Would Take A Miracle!

"If that could happen, then it will be more of a miracle."

That was the conversation of others in Oyugis when Olalo was about to start raising enough funds to cover two surgeries for Charles.  He has a rare bone condition that has disfigured his face and caused much hardship for him and his family. 

When we first met Charles, he was due for a consultation with the surgeon to see what if anything could be done. Olalo’s medical fund, Change for Change, funded his trip to the consultation with the understanding that we didn’t have the funds for surgery but may be able to raise the money for it.  No promises.  
The surgeon felt confident he could help but needed to be sure the funds were there to cover not one, but two surgeries about three months apart.

This is where the miracle they talked about comes in…we started praying and then started letting everyone know what was needed for Charles.  God answers prayer.  In less than two weeks the money came in to cover both surgeries.  

Charles will travel to Nairobi next week for surgery #1.  Prayers for his travels, the surgery and his recovery would be appreciated.  Will keep you updated on his progress.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and Thank God for answered prayer!


Volunteers In Kenya Keep the Wheels Turning...

Our AMAZING Volunteers in Kenya are vital to Olalo of Hope-Kenya and everything we accomplish! 

That's why our very first Monthly Spotlight showcases all of them!

It is their dedication to making life better for the people of Oyugis that motivates them to volunteer their time outside of full time jobs, families and coaching at the Oyugis Soccer Academy. 

  • Sonko & Corinne Omondi
  •  Robert Nasri
  •  Kennedy Nyando
  • Arthur Orondo
  • David Agola

 They handle everything on the African side for our education, medical and computer lab programs.  They touch the  lives of students who need an education and get the sick to medical help, treating them all with compassion and dignity.

They are incredible people in their own right, totally invaluable to Olalo of Hope-Kenya and we humbly Thank them with much gratitude for their devotion and hearts for the people of Oyugis.