Volunteers In Kenya Keep the Wheels Turning...

Our AMAZING Volunteers in Kenya are vital to Olalo of Hope-Kenya and everything we accomplish! 

That's why our very first Monthly Spotlight showcases all of them!

It is their dedication to making life better for the people of Oyugis that motivates them to volunteer their time outside of full time jobs, families and coaching at the Oyugis Soccer Academy. 

  • Sonko & Corinne Omondi
  •  Robert Nasri
  •  Kennedy Nyando
  • Arthur Orondo
  • David Agola

 They handle everything on the African side for our education, medical and computer lab programs.  They touch the  lives of students who need an education and get the sick to medical help, treating them all with compassion and dignity.

They are incredible people in their own right, totally invaluable to Olalo of Hope-Kenya and we humbly Thank them with much gratitude for their devotion and hearts for the people of Oyugis.