They Said It Would Take A Miracle!

"If that could happen, then it will be more of a miracle."

That was the conversation of others in Oyugis when Olalo was about to start raising enough funds to cover two surgeries for Charles.  He has a rare bone condition that has disfigured his face and caused much hardship for him and his family. 

When we first met Charles, he was due for a consultation with the surgeon to see what if anything could be done. Olalo’s medical fund, Change for Change, funded his trip to the consultation with the understanding that we didn’t have the funds for surgery but may be able to raise the money for it.  No promises.  
The surgeon felt confident he could help but needed to be sure the funds were there to cover not one, but two surgeries about three months apart.

This is where the miracle they talked about comes in…we started praying and then started letting everyone know what was needed for Charles.  God answers prayer.  In less than two weeks the money came in to cover both surgeries.  

Charles will travel to Nairobi next week for surgery #1.  Prayers for his travels, the surgery and his recovery would be appreciated.  Will keep you updated on his progress.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and Thank God for answered prayer!