Computer Lab Program

Olalo is opening a computer lab in Oyugis, bringing much needed computer skills and technology to western Kenya.

Our goal is to purchase several computers and offer computer classes to both students and adults alike, giving them the tools needed to enhance their school studies and develop marketable job skills.

We plan to offer several programs at the computer lab –business software for adults and older students, educational and research programs for all students.

We also plan to set aside times for people who need to use a computer/printer for business purposes and charge a fee which will assist with the cost of running the lab.

Funds are also for the purchase of the laptops, proper lighting, tables and chairs and covering all costs associated with the lab and the space we are renting. It will also cover the expenses of someone coming in to help with the classes.

With over half of Kenya’s population living in poverty, we don't expect most kids and adults using the lab to contribute monetarily for the classes.  Those students can be asked to help out around the lab or in other areas Olalo works to offset the costs.

We’re giving a hand-up and not a hand-out.

We are excited to get this new program started and hope you will join us in our goal to enhance lives with skills that can change lives!