Our Mission

Our Mission is to help break the cycle of poverty by building strong communities while working with various partners to empower individuals and families with opportunities for the furtherance of education, access to urgent medical care and skills needed to affect life change within their communities.

What We’re Doing

We are working to promote life change in the east African country of Kenya. We are operational in the town of Oyugis and the surrounding area. Our programs provide resources and hope to those caught in the cycle of poverty.

“Olalo” means bridge in Luo.

We are Bridging Kenyans to Education, Healthcare and Life Change.

Current Projects

  • Providing funds for children to continue their education through Secondary School - grades 9-12

  • Providing the resources to purchase school uniforms, books and necessary school supplies

  • Providing access to a medical fund for urgent healthcare

  • Operating a community-based computer lab offering trainings from basic keyboarding classes through the Microsoft Office Suite

  • Partnering with others to enhance life change for individuals, families, and communities by supplying basic needs, recreational supplies and other commodities needed to effect positive change

  • Facilitating financial and tangible assistance to those in Kenya on behalf of Olalo of Hope–Kenya to promote these life changes