As We Begin 2017...

Since it is early in the new year, I suppose I should start it off as expected with a final report of everything that happened in 2016.  But I’m not looking back right now, I’m looking ahead.

Don’t get me wrong…2016 was a stellar year for Olalo of Hope-Kenya and well worth a look back at all that was accomplished.  We gained donors from all over the world and got more kids educated, fed and medical help for scores of people.

With the onset of 2017, we stumbled upon a little two-and-a half child, Shantel, whose legs are so horribly scarred, swollen and turning black, she could no longer walk. Sonko notices her as he visits a friend in a town 4 hours away from Oyugis, and immediately investigates to see what is happening.

Abandoned at six months old by her mother, no one knows who her father is, so a neighbor just took her in as one of her own 2 years ago. Though we don’t know the circumstances of the neighbor yet- how many children of her own she has or her financial circumstance, but with over 50% of the population living in poverty, most likely the family falls into that category.

As evening approaches us here in Oregon, in just a few hours a new day begins in Kenya.  Sonko will bring her to the hospital in hopes of a diagnosis and treatment that will bring her healing.

This sweet child has been through a lot in her short life.  She will probably have many more experiences that we here in the U.S. cannot even imagine. The very sad thing is, and it rips into my soul, is that there are dozens, hundreds and probably thousands of children, babies, that suffer due to their poverty and terrible living conditions not only in Kenya, but around the world.  This misery is not confined only to the very young, but to all people of any age steeped in poverty.

As one small non-profit out of Oregon working in Oyugis, Kenya, we could never help them all, even if we knew about each one.  But I am so very thankful that because of our faithful supporters we can help those we come across.

So, for 2017, my hopes and my prayers are that we can continue to offer help, hope and relief to each new situation our awesome team in Kenya comes across...that our support base will continue to grow and allow us to both continue and expand our work. 

There’s plenty to be done, and plenty to be thankful for.

As we begin 2017, helping Shantel is just the beginning; making an impact on the life of a two-and-a-half-year-old is a good way to begin the year.

May we be blessed enough to find others in need and have the resources and ability to help.


We're on YouTube!

It's a first for Olalo of Hope- Kenya!  We put together a short video for YouTube.  It was a good learning process and don't think we did too bad for our very first attempt! 
Was a lot of fun putting together the pictures and thinking about all the kids we've helped over the years.

Check it out at:

Let us know what you think.

Can't wait to get started on the next one!  It's a great way to keep everyone up to date with what's happening!


Computer Lab Finally Opens...

We’ve been anxiously waiting for this day!  It’s a day of new opportunities for Oyugis, Kenya!

Learning that most of the Secondary School students we sponsor had never touched a computer, we knew we had to do something! Many will graduate this December with zero computer skills.  Opening a computer lab for students and the community was the perfect addition to our nonprofit, Olalo of Hope-Kenya.

Through the nonprofit World Possible we were introduced to the amazing Rachel Plus… it was the perfect complement to our education and medical programs. 

We found a great location in town for the lab and began to construct the interior of the building to hold at least 20 computers…putting in a ceiling, building tables, taking care of the electrical.  Lots to do!

We’re starting small with just 4 computers….small, yes, but the exciting thing is we’re starting

We already have an amazing instructor, Bianca, who is excited about teaching classes and has already come up with many ideas of specialized classes for various groups in town…ideas that will impact and change lives! 

As finances allow we will continue adding more computers …after all, Rachel Plus wi-fi can accommodate up to 50 computers!  

We are offering basic computing classes and study time for students at no charge.  Those who can afford to pay for classes will help to offset the cost of running the lab. 

The goal is to offer educational opportunities to learn marketable job skills to older students and the community and basic computing to our younger students. There are numerous programs that can be accessed through Rachel Plus which can enrich and improve lives – subjects covering health issues, agriculture and so much more.

We are EXCITED! 
This IS a new beginning for many people! 
It is a step toward turning the cycle of poverty into a new life cycle of hope!


Check out our very first three students below - two have never touched a computer before.  This is just the beginning.....

Easter in year ago...

11053465_10206302814430585_5523514824534522454_n[1]Easter in year ago... Last year we celebrated Easter in Oyugis, Kenya.  We climbed a steep, slippery, muddy hill in between houses, dodging puddles and jumping trenches filled with the aftermath of an early morning storm. Mid way up the hill the sweet sound of singing could be heard. We arrived at church.

The church was a small building where the sun warmed up the metal roof and the heat quickly spread through the building. Rough cut wooden benches filled the building skirting around pot holes in the concrete floors.

We slipped into a back bench and were handed a hymnal of sorts…a small booklet with all the songs written in Luo.  A few songs we knew, so it easy to follow along in their language with the rest of the congregation…and the ones we didn’t know, well, it was easy to catch on.

It was the most amazing moment when I stopped to just listen to the beautiful harmonies as the church worshipped God in their African rythms….and even more amazing to sing praises along with them in a language I didn’t know but to a God I did.

Easter in Oyugis was a sweet time of fellowship and teaching and a highlight of our trip.

There were two “bonuses” that we took away from Pastor Joshua Obiero’s church that day….

The first bonus was…

When the service was done, Pastor Obiero walked through the building and out the back door, followed by the first row. Pastor stood just outside the door.  The first person following him, shook his hand in greeting and stood next to him.  The second person out the door, shook hands and greeted Pastor, the next person, and then stood next to him.  And so it went.  By the time we were out the door, a large circle had formed outside the church and we greeted each person with a handshake as we made our way around the circle and took our places near the end. It was a sweet ending to a wonderful celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

Our second bonus was….

Later in the day, we discovered the sweet worship had been captured on Pete’s cell phone.  Apparently while we slipped and trudged our way up the hill to church, instead of a “pocket dial” we somehow did a “record dial” and you could hear us making our way to the church, the singing as we neared the church….and finally some of the worship taking place in the church.

What a wonderful surprise it was and what a treasure for us to have recorded those special moment celebrating Easter in Oyugis, Kenya!  Hard to believe it was a year ago already.  Thankful to have the memories...and recordings of such an amazing trip.

Nyasaye Ogwedhu!


2-20-16 Let the Cycle of Hope Begin....

Let the Cycle of Hope Begin…. Where would you be today if you only had an 8th grade education? Live where you do? Drive what you do? The majority of kids in Kenya never get beyond the 8th grade because of their poverty. Those who are lucky enough to finish Secondary School (high school), can look forward to an average annual income of $10,481.

Over 75% of the population in 2016 is earning under $6,500 annually, so you can see not many get the opportunity to get an education past the 8th grade.

We have many young people in Oyugis stalled in their education after the 8th grade without the funds to continue. A few have worked hard to put themselves through part of it but have run into roadblocks and can’t continue.

Douglas is one of those hard working kids who did small contracting jobs around town and put himself through 3 years of school, and now in his final year, he doesn’t have enough jobs or money to finish.

Then there is Calvince. For two years he went to fish at Lake Victoria on every break from school so he could sell his catch to pay for his education. Near the end of his 2nd year he didn’t return to school after the break. The Vice Principal went to find him at his home but his mother said he hadn’t returned home from the Lake. He was finally found at Lake Victoria and asked why he hadn’t returned to school. He said the catch wasn’t good and he was still trying to catch enough to return to school.

Richard, whose father has died and his mother is in the hospital and not expected to live, washes cars so he has money for food.

Leah, with no one to support her, started coming to the Oyugis Soccer Academy because she’s heard many of their kids are supported for school and hoped she’s get picked by a sponsor.

And the stories continue. We have at least 40 kids waiting to see if someone will step up to help them  get an education.

Studies report that Education is the key to breaking the Cycle of Poverty.

Will you help the kids like Douglas or Calvince or Richard or Leah break that cycle of poverty and support their education? Even if you can’t commit to a monthly contribution to their education, any donation would be greatly appreciated and added to the tuition fund to send a child to school.

Please join us as we move on to break the cycle of poverty and begin a new cycle…a Cycle of Hope!

Nyasaye Ogwedhu! Merry


Ouma Richard LeakeyDouglas Ouma OdingoLeah AwuorFelix OyooChristine YoYa

December Project Through GlobalGiving

It seems like just yesterday… It was November 30, 2015…only hours away until the December campaign raising funds for urgent medical needs was about to begin on GlobalGiving …one second past midnight east coast time…it was a daunting goal…would we…could we succeed?

It’s always been awkward for me to ask others for money…it’s just not an easy thing to do….and here I was, about to begin a 31 day challenge to raise a minimum of $5000 from at least 40 unique donors. What was I thinking???

But then I remembered the kids and adults I met while in Kenya just a few months ago. The woman who most likely would have died without the life-saving medications that cost Olalo about $21…or the young man who spent three days in the hospital with pneumonia and typhoid and the total bill was less than $71…or the face of the young child who ran passed us giggling and smiling as he glanced our way while Sonko explained that was the child we paid for to see a specialist…the child who was unable to walk for more than 3 months with no explanation and no money to get help.

Those are the stories and the faces that erase some of the awkwardness and motivates me to ask for help. Spare change to most of us living in the States is saving lives in Oyugis, Kenya. I know it, I’ve seen it. And I want to see more of it!

So I stopped the fretting and the anxiety over reaching the goal and left it in God’s hands. We would succeed if it was His plan, and if not, we wouldn’t…but we would still be building the medical fund that would save lives…so no matter what, the poor of Oyugis would still be the winners.

Just half way through the month, December 16, we were already at $6500….but not quite the 40 unique donors. Just days afterwards that goal was met and today we continue to receive donations and will until 12/31/15 midnight, east coast time.

We are so very close to raising the $8,200 we determined would give us a good foundation to cover medical costs plus allow us to distribute a daily multiple vitamin to over 500 people for one year.

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

When I think of all the lives that will be impacted because of everyone who responded to meet the need in Oyugis, Kenya, I am overwhelmed.

I thank you all for caring about the children and poor in Kenya, and I thank God who answers prayer when we put our trust in Him! Nyasaye Ogwedhu! Merry

To Kenya and Back....

Back in March, Olalo went to Africa! We’d planned the trip for so long, it didn’t feel real as we began our 24 hours of travel from Portland to Amsterdam to Nairobi, then the 7 hour drive to Oyugis. Supporter Teresa S. went with us and several times through the flight we would just look at each other, grin and proclaim, “We’re going to Africa!” Finally we were about to see face-to-face our wonderful Kenyan volunteers who enable Olalo to function on the ground, to meet the students whose educations are supported through Olalo sponsors, to visit the many people who were able to get medical treatment through our Change for Change Medical Fund, to greet the 100 plus kids and coaches at the Oyugis Soccer Academy, and of course to watch in amazement as Corinne and Sonko ministered to the orphans, widows and poor of Oyugis.

We knew going in, somewhat what to expect, but it certainly opened our eyes to a whole new world…many things to be envied when compared to our U.S. lifestyle, and so many things that tugged at our hearts…the hardships faced daily, everyday struggles trying to survive, the poverty, the lack of basics- clean water, food, shoes…

There is so much to tell you and I will…soon…but for now all I can say is “Kenya is magnificent!”

Nyasaye Ogwedhu! Merry


What Can You Buy for $14.28?

So if you're wondering, "What could I buy for $14.28?" Well, if you're in Oyugis, Kenya, the answer could be restored HEALTH!

On a recent trip to the hospital to see a doctor because of a nagging upper respiratory infection, these folks had to cough up 1,300 Kenyan schillings (Ksh) for treatment and medications...

Here's the breakdown....

80 Ksh for the doctor fee   $0.88 50 Ksh for a blood slide      $0.55 800 Ksh for antibiotic         $8.78 70 Ksh for another med       $0.77 100 Ksh for another med     $1.10 200 Ksh for cough syrup      $2.20

1300 Ksh      TOTALS        $14.28

And that's what you can buy for $14.28.

Thank you to all our supporters who donate their pocket change to our Change for Change Medical Fund.

We're restoring health and hope to those who need it most!

Nyasaye Ogwedhi! Merry


Olalo has been added to AmazonSmile

Olalo is now  part of AmazonSmile, thanks to someone who made an Amazon purchase on the AmazonSmile site and asked that Olalo receive the .5% donation from their purchase.  Didn't know this even existed! When looking to make a purchase through Amazon, instead of opening the regular site, you open the AmazonSmile site, choose Olalo of Hope Kenya, make a purchase and Amazon makes the donation to Olalo.  The Smile site has the same offerings/prices as the regular site, just with the added benefit of the donation to non profits.  Pretty cool.

Next time you use Amazon,  think of Olalo,  go to the Smile site and Check it out!

Change for Change Changing Lives....

Sonko and his friend Travis have been in Oyugis for almost 2 weeks now, and already so much has been accomplished.  Along with sharing the Gospel, they are coaching at the Oyugis Soccer Academy, meeting with parents/guardians, distributing donations of shirts (over 200 new), shoes, soccer balls, checked in with the Barber Shop-Charging Stations, and  paid the final term of school for all our students being sponsored and supported through Olalo of Hope-Kenya. Olalo's Change for Change Medical Fund program enabled them to take several people to the hospital for testing and for treatment.  A few have had recurring illnesses that required further testing to determine a more aggressive treatment to get to the root of the illness.  Just this weekend I received a picture of a young boy injured during soccer with a possible internal injury.  Thanks to our many Change for Change supporters, Olalo paid the "entire $22 bill" for the x-rays and hospital costs.  Though they are still waiting for the test results, this child would not have been able to seek out the help he yes, Change for Change....IS changing lives!

Nyasaye Ogwedhi!



And The Letters Came Back....

And the letters came back……… In early May, Olalo sent 16 letters to Oyugis…one to every sponsored student that is supported through Olalo of Hope-Kenya. By mid-July, 16 letters arrived back in Oregon...actually, 17. One student wrote specifically to his sponsor who faithfully contributes each month toward his education, and another letter to Olalo of Hope-Kenya as the organization that facilitates the program.

Every student responded back with warm greetings and a sincere thankfulness for the opportunity for an education and renewed hope for life change.

Many of the letters touched our hearts...sometimes with laughter and sometimes with tears.

Kids expressed great thankfulness that Olalo enabled them to attend school. Some explained how they were the first in their family to attend Secondary School, with 5 to 7 older siblings who didn’t have the opportunity for school past primary grades due to the lack of money. Others were orphaned and being raised by extended family members who didn’t have the funds to pay for their education. Others were just without any resources at all.

I often find that as I read about other non-profits doing wonderful work in Africa around educational needs, it’s easy to get discouraged when I read about them supporting hundreds, even thousands of kids through school...and here we are……at 16.

But then I’m reminded of three things….

First, those other non-profits have been around for many years; Olalo has been around for less than two. In 2013 our supporters enabled us to send six kids to school; in 2014 we’ve increased – more than doubled - to 16. That’s pretty good!

Second, while reading through the letters from our students, I’m reminded of how blessed we are to be able to invest in the lives of children in Oyugis, Kenya…kids who once had no hope of an education past primary school are now working for life change with dreams of a better future.

And third, though last, but most assuredly not least, AND foremost is the fact that God is in control. He has blessed Olalo through our many supporters and sponsors to be able to begin life change for 16 children in Oyugis, Kenya, Africa, through an education opportunity beyond primary school.

So there is no need for discouragement.  I can trust and rest assured knowing that in 2015, we’ll be exactly where we’re supposed to be!

Nyasaye Ogwedhi!


Life Change Happening From Milwaukie, Oregon to Kenya, Africa...

CCSE VBS Supports Olalo and a BIG Thank You from Us to Them!This past week, Olalo of Hope-Kenya had the great privilege of being the featured ministry for the Missions focus of Calvary Chapel Southeast’s Vacation Bible School.  Each day the kids brought their coins to help support Olalo.

On Monday morning, Pete and I had the opportunity to share a little about Olalo of Hope-Kenya at VBS. Since the kids were bringing their change, Olalo’s Change for Change Medical Fund was the natural fit for all the coins being collected. The rest of the week CCSE staff shared a little more about each of the other programs of Olalo – education, community support and our missionaries.

Last night at the Friday evening VBS Family Night, Olalo of Hope-Kenya was presented with a check for $342.44 for our medical fund.

What a blessing!  We were so overwhelmed by the generous spirit of the kids wanting to help others living on the other side of the world too poor to see a doctor when sick!  One of the young participants even told the staff he was having a garage sale and all the money was going to Olalo of Hope….AND he already had $12!

We are sincerely thankful to the kids of CCSE VBS for this generous gift to Olalo. Their contributions will allow many who are sick get the help they need, it may even save lives!

We are also thankful and greatly blessed by all the volunteers and staff of CCSE knowing that through their faithful serving this week, kids hearts were turned towards missions and helping others, AND 100+ kids heard about the Good News of new life through Jesus Christ!

Life Change has taken place around the world this week...from Milwaukie, Oregon to Kenya, Africa!

Nyasaye Ogwedhi! Merry

Ready for Change....

Olalo is ready for CHANGE….and MAY-be it’s yours… For the month of MAY, Olalo of Hope-Kenya is campaigning to raise awareness and funds for our Change for Change Medical Fund.

Change for Change allows the poor of Oyugis to get the medical treatment they otherwise wouldn’t. Injuries, illness and disease often go left untreated when faced with the choice of food for the day or getting medical help.

Over the past year, Olalo’s Change for Change Medical Fund has paid for numerous doctor visits, medicines, surgeries, accident treatments and several hospitalizations…all done with the pocket change of our donors.

For less than the cost of two Friday night movie tickets an ill child can be seen by a doctor and get life-saving medications for things like malaria or typhoid.

We hope you will consider Olalo of Hope-Kenya’s Change for Change Medical Fund next time you pull that change out of your pocket and drop it onto your dresser or table or into a jar.

A little Change goes a long way….and it just may help save a life.

Olalo is ready for change...will it be yours?

Nyasaye Ogwedhi Merry

Letters Are In The Mail....

Letters are in the mail…. Today I dropped 16 letters off at the post office --one written to every student Olalo supports with school tuition, uniforms and school supplies. Sponsors wrote to their students, and Olalo wrote letters to those still waiting for sponsors. No one was left out.

My biggest surprise was that in order to get the letters there by any means other than the United States Postal Service would cost between $79 and $101.  We’re talking LESS THAN 9 OUNCES here! Just Letters! To Kids!

So needless to say, the USPS is the one who got our business! (less than $15 if you’re wondering) We’re just praying the letters arrive in the next 4-6 weeks!

The 16 letters were neatly packaged into one envelope and sent off to our man in Oyugis…Kennedy Nyando.  Ken is our incredible volunteer on the ground in Kenya. When the letters arrive in Oyugis, he will distribute them to the students, and then send return letters back to Oregon.  Ken’s service is invaluable to Olalo and he is so greatly appreciated.  THANK YOU, Ken!

Nyasaye Ogwedhi!


. (If you want to know more about Ken, request our September 2013 newsletter).

The New Number...Doubled+

So far, 2014 has been a year of growth not just for Olalo of Hope-Kenya but for a few of the Secondary Schools around Oyugis.We’re sending more kids to school and fulfilling their hopes and dreams of a better life through education. We finished out our first year, 2013, with 6 kids wrapping up a year of school. In January 2014 we were able to add a few more to the start of the school year, and by March we had doubled last year’s number to twelve! Now here we are, not even to the end of April and we just added 4 more…4 GIRLS!!!

SIXTEEN is the new number and I am so excited!  Sixteen lives are being changed.

Not all of our students have sponsors yet, but Olalo has been blessed by our wonderful supporters who donate to our General Fund where funds are used where they are most needed. If you’re interested in sponsoring a child’s education I’d be happy to share some information about our kids who still need sponsors. Just let me know.

On behalf of Olalo’s Board of Directors, we thank you for your continued support and prayers, and we thank God for His provision and direction as He continually meets our needs to meet the needs of the orphans, widows and poor of Oyugis, Kenya. We are BLESSED!

Nyasaye Ogwedhi!


By the way....have you gotten our latest newsletter? (March 2014) If you’d like to receive our newsletters, just click the “Click here to receive our newsletter” on the bottom of our webpages.  Be sure to let us know if you want it electronically or sent by mail.  mb

The Dreams of Children.....

The emails arrive in the middle of the night….filled with dreams of a better life.  They are the applications of children who have goals and dreams of breaking out of the cycle of poverty by getting an education The new school year has begun in Kenya and in the middle of the night an email arrived with 9 new applications for tuition assistance to begin or continue their education into Secondary School.

***Fifteen year old Victor wants to become an optician when he finishes school

***Fourteen year old Geofrey, who lives with his mother, wants to become a doctor

***Jared, age 16, wants to focus on good grades to someday attend University to become an engineer

***Rodgers, 13, desires to help educate others and become a lawyer after school

***Sixteen year old Florence wants good grades to fulfill her dream to become a doctor

These are just some of the goals and desires of kids whose dreams will never be realized without an education beyond primary school. Olalo of Hope - Kenya now holds the dreams of over 20 kids waiting for tuition/education assistance.

Olalo’s desire is to match these kids up with sponsors that will encourage them, pray for them, and provide the financial assistance they need for an education to help break the cycle of poverty where over 80% of the population in Oyugis lives on less than $1 a day.

For just $1 a day, you could be the Olalo of Hope, the “Bridge of Hope” they need to fulfill those dreams and goals.  Just $30 a month provides a student with a Secondary School education that includes tuition, school fees, books, school supplies, uniforms, shoes, health care while in school AND 2 meals a day.

Won’t you please consider sponsoring a child’s education today?

Our donate page has several options available for you to help a student achieve their dream of a better life.

Nyasaye Ogwedhi!


Beginning of Life Change....

We heard promising news about the Barber Shop/Charging Stations which Olalo funded just a few short months ago.  With a spruced up shop and word spreading, our young entrepreneurs are replenishing their supplies, paying the electricity bills, getting a small salary and helping the Oyugis Soccer Academy kids with tournament costs to enable more kids to participate. Olalo of Hope-Kenya was able to assist because of our generous donors and their vision to see the elimination of poverty and despair so prevalent in Oyugis, Kenya.

Our Community Support program is designed to enhance life change for individuals and families through a variety of means, and funding the barbershop was a natural fit for Olalo and two young men with a vision of a better future for themselves and their families.

If you’d like to be part of life change for the people of Oyugis, consider a donation to Olalo of Hope-Kenya.  Check out our Community Fund program for more information, or our other programs – the Medical Change for Change program, or supporting a student to receive a Secondary School education. Nyasaye Ogwedhi!    (God Bless!)                             OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Merry

A life was saved this week....

UPDATE – 1/31/14   Our young woman is home again and doing well.  Thank you for your prayers and financial support to our Change for Change Medical Fund which enabled Olalo to provide the funds needed to save a life! A life was saved this week.  She was found unconscious, lying in the garden, 6 hours after anyone had last seen her.  They determined she had an etopic pregnancy, but there was no money, therefore no surgery – no help.  All that was needed was $172.62 to proceed with the surgery.  Thanks to the many “Change for Change“ Medical Fund contributors who faithfully donate their plastic baggies, coffee cans and jars filled with their spare change, Olalo of Hope-Kenya was able to help...a life was saved.  Thank you for supporting Olalo so we can do this…You are an Olalo – a Bridge of Hope to life and life change.

Life Changes of 2013....

In January of 2013, when Olalo of Hope-Kenya became a reality, we forged ahead after much research, planning and prayers! We knew what we wanted to accomplish and prayed for direction on how to get that done. So, now that the year is almost over, I can look back and see the successes, but I also can see where we came up short. I never did update this blog as often as I should have. I didn’t quite get the hang of our Facebook page – understanding where you post things and who gets it and who doesn’t. The newsletter didn’t always get out on time, nor did the Pray for Kenya prayer letter.

BUT...God...He is faithful. He always answered our prayers AND...children were able to continue their education...the sick were and hospitalizations were paid for...medicines for healing were for Community Support were sent...and new businesses were funded.

To date we have never had to turn away anyone seeking help; whether it was picking up their education tuition support or purchasing much needed prescriptions for healing.

Life Change is taking place in Oyugis, Kenya, and after all, that’s what it’s all about!

2014 will be here in just a few weeks and the need will continue to grow as more children need funds to stay in school, as malaria and typhoid continue to plague the people, and as more children are left as orphans as AIDS takes the lives of moms and dads.

The one thing we know is the need is great, but our God is greater! We pray that by this time next year, we can still say we never had to turn anyone away.

During the new year, we would like to be able to share more about Olalo of Hope-Kenya with area churches, to let people know who we are, what we are doing and how they can help. We are not looking for the church to support Olalo, (not that we’d turn it down), but just to be given the opportunity to share Olalo with others.

If you have opportunities for us to share Olalo in the Portland/Vancouver area, let us know. You can email us on our Contacts page. You can also request our December newsletter to be sent or emailed.

Until next time...

Nyasaye Ogwedhi! Merry

New Office Opens!

Did you hear Olalo of Hope-Kenya has its first International Office???  It’s true! We now have an office in Oyugis…we may not yet have a desk or a chair, a computer or a person on duty, but we have a sign announcing our presence (and right on a main road through Oyugis!)

When Sonko was back in Oyugis in November, he opened the first Olalo office in Kenya.  He painted the sign by hand, hung it over the door, and now it announces to everyone passing by that Olalo of Hope-Kenya is alive and well in Oyugis!