Computer Lab Finally Opens...

We’ve been anxiously waiting for this day!  It’s a day of new opportunities for Oyugis, Kenya!

Learning that most of the Secondary School students we sponsor had never touched a computer, we knew we had to do something! Many will graduate this December with zero computer skills.  Opening a computer lab for students and the community was the perfect addition to our nonprofit, Olalo of Hope-Kenya.

Through the nonprofit World Possible we were introduced to the amazing Rachel Plus… it was the perfect complement to our education and medical programs. 

We found a great location in town for the lab and began to construct the interior of the building to hold at least 20 computers…putting in a ceiling, building tables, taking care of the electrical.  Lots to do!

We’re starting small with just 4 computers….small, yes, but the exciting thing is we’re starting

We already have an amazing instructor, Bianca, who is excited about teaching classes and has already come up with many ideas of specialized classes for various groups in town…ideas that will impact and change lives! 

As finances allow we will continue adding more computers …after all, Rachel Plus wi-fi can accommodate up to 50 computers!  

We are offering basic computing classes and study time for students at no charge.  Those who can afford to pay for classes will help to offset the cost of running the lab. 

The goal is to offer educational opportunities to learn marketable job skills to older students and the community and basic computing to our younger students. There are numerous programs that can be accessed through Rachel Plus which can enrich and improve lives – subjects covering health issues, agriculture and so much more.

We are EXCITED! 
This IS a new beginning for many people! 
It is a step toward turning the cycle of poverty into a new life cycle of hope!


Check out our very first three students below - two have never touched a computer before.  This is just the beginning.....