2-20-16 Let the Cycle of Hope Begin....

Let the Cycle of Hope Begin…. Where would you be today if you only had an 8th grade education? Live where you do? Drive what you do? The majority of kids in Kenya never get beyond the 8th grade because of their poverty. Those who are lucky enough to finish Secondary School (high school), can look forward to an average annual income of $10,481.

Over 75% of the population in 2016 is earning under $6,500 annually, so you can see not many get the opportunity to get an education past the 8th grade.

We have many young people in Oyugis stalled in their education after the 8th grade without the funds to continue. A few have worked hard to put themselves through part of it but have run into roadblocks and can’t continue.

Douglas is one of those hard working kids who did small contracting jobs around town and put himself through 3 years of school, and now in his final year, he doesn’t have enough jobs or money to finish.

Then there is Calvince. For two years he went to fish at Lake Victoria on every break from school so he could sell his catch to pay for his education. Near the end of his 2nd year he didn’t return to school after the break. The Vice Principal went to find him at his home but his mother said he hadn’t returned home from the Lake. He was finally found at Lake Victoria and asked why he hadn’t returned to school. He said the catch wasn’t good and he was still trying to catch enough to return to school.

Richard, whose father has died and his mother is in the hospital and not expected to live, washes cars so he has money for food.

Leah, with no one to support her, started coming to the Oyugis Soccer Academy because she’s heard many of their kids are supported for school and hoped she’s get picked by a sponsor.

And the stories continue. We have at least 40 kids waiting to see if someone will step up to help them  get an education.

Studies report that Education is the key to breaking the Cycle of Poverty.

Will you help the kids like Douglas or Calvince or Richard or Leah break that cycle of poverty and support their education? Even if you can’t commit to a monthly contribution to their education, any donation would be greatly appreciated and added to the tuition fund to send a child to school.

Please join us as we move on to break the cycle of poverty and begin a new cycle…a Cycle of Hope!

Nyasaye Ogwedhu! Merry


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