December Project Through GlobalGiving

It seems like just yesterday… It was November 30, 2015…only hours away until the December campaign raising funds for urgent medical needs was about to begin on GlobalGiving …one second past midnight east coast time…it was a daunting goal…would we…could we succeed?

It’s always been awkward for me to ask others for money…it’s just not an easy thing to do….and here I was, about to begin a 31 day challenge to raise a minimum of $5000 from at least 40 unique donors. What was I thinking???

But then I remembered the kids and adults I met while in Kenya just a few months ago. The woman who most likely would have died without the life-saving medications that cost Olalo about $21…or the young man who spent three days in the hospital with pneumonia and typhoid and the total bill was less than $71…or the face of the young child who ran passed us giggling and smiling as he glanced our way while Sonko explained that was the child we paid for to see a specialist…the child who was unable to walk for more than 3 months with no explanation and no money to get help.

Those are the stories and the faces that erase some of the awkwardness and motivates me to ask for help. Spare change to most of us living in the States is saving lives in Oyugis, Kenya. I know it, I’ve seen it. And I want to see more of it!

So I stopped the fretting and the anxiety over reaching the goal and left it in God’s hands. We would succeed if it was His plan, and if not, we wouldn’t…but we would still be building the medical fund that would save lives…so no matter what, the poor of Oyugis would still be the winners.

Just half way through the month, December 16, we were already at $6500….but not quite the 40 unique donors. Just days afterwards that goal was met and today we continue to receive donations and will until 12/31/15 midnight, east coast time.

We are so very close to raising the $8,200 we determined would give us a good foundation to cover medical costs plus allow us to distribute a daily multiple vitamin to over 500 people for one year.

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

When I think of all the lives that will be impacted because of everyone who responded to meet the need in Oyugis, Kenya, I am overwhelmed.

I thank you all for caring about the children and poor in Kenya, and I thank God who answers prayer when we put our trust in Him! Nyasaye Ogwedhu! Merry