The Dreams of Children.....

The emails arrive in the middle of the night….filled with dreams of a better life.  They are the applications of children who have goals and dreams of breaking out of the cycle of poverty by getting an education The new school year has begun in Kenya and in the middle of the night an email arrived with 9 new applications for tuition assistance to begin or continue their education into Secondary School.

***Fifteen year old Victor wants to become an optician when he finishes school

***Fourteen year old Geofrey, who lives with his mother, wants to become a doctor

***Jared, age 16, wants to focus on good grades to someday attend University to become an engineer

***Rodgers, 13, desires to help educate others and become a lawyer after school

***Sixteen year old Florence wants good grades to fulfill her dream to become a doctor

These are just some of the goals and desires of kids whose dreams will never be realized without an education beyond primary school. Olalo of Hope - Kenya now holds the dreams of over 20 kids waiting for tuition/education assistance.

Olalo’s desire is to match these kids up with sponsors that will encourage them, pray for them, and provide the financial assistance they need for an education to help break the cycle of poverty where over 80% of the population in Oyugis lives on less than $1 a day.

For just $1 a day, you could be the Olalo of Hope, the “Bridge of Hope” they need to fulfill those dreams and goals.  Just $30 a month provides a student with a Secondary School education that includes tuition, school fees, books, school supplies, uniforms, shoes, health care while in school AND 2 meals a day.

Won’t you please consider sponsoring a child’s education today?

Our donate page has several options available for you to help a student achieve their dream of a better life.

Nyasaye Ogwedhi!