Life Change Happening From Milwaukie, Oregon to Kenya, Africa...

CCSE VBS Supports Olalo and a BIG Thank You from Us to Them!This past week, Olalo of Hope-Kenya had the great privilege of being the featured ministry for the Missions focus of Calvary Chapel Southeast’s Vacation Bible School.  Each day the kids brought their coins to help support Olalo.

On Monday morning, Pete and I had the opportunity to share a little about Olalo of Hope-Kenya at VBS. Since the kids were bringing their change, Olalo’s Change for Change Medical Fund was the natural fit for all the coins being collected. The rest of the week CCSE staff shared a little more about each of the other programs of Olalo – education, community support and our missionaries.

Last night at the Friday evening VBS Family Night, Olalo of Hope-Kenya was presented with a check for $342.44 for our medical fund.

What a blessing!  We were so overwhelmed by the generous spirit of the kids wanting to help others living on the other side of the world too poor to see a doctor when sick!  One of the young participants even told the staff he was having a garage sale and all the money was going to Olalo of Hope….AND he already had $12!

We are sincerely thankful to the kids of CCSE VBS for this generous gift to Olalo. Their contributions will allow many who are sick get the help they need, it may even save lives!

We are also thankful and greatly blessed by all the volunteers and staff of CCSE knowing that through their faithful serving this week, kids hearts were turned towards missions and helping others, AND 100+ kids heard about the Good News of new life through Jesus Christ!

Life Change has taken place around the world this week...from Milwaukie, Oregon to Kenya, Africa!

Nyasaye Ogwedhi! Merry