Ready for Change....

Olalo is ready for CHANGE….and MAY-be it’s yours… For the month of MAY, Olalo of Hope-Kenya is campaigning to raise awareness and funds for our Change for Change Medical Fund.

Change for Change allows the poor of Oyugis to get the medical treatment they otherwise wouldn’t. Injuries, illness and disease often go left untreated when faced with the choice of food for the day or getting medical help.

Over the past year, Olalo’s Change for Change Medical Fund has paid for numerous doctor visits, medicines, surgeries, accident treatments and several hospitalizations…all done with the pocket change of our donors.

For less than the cost of two Friday night movie tickets an ill child can be seen by a doctor and get life-saving medications for things like malaria or typhoid.

We hope you will consider Olalo of Hope-Kenya’s Change for Change Medical Fund next time you pull that change out of your pocket and drop it onto your dresser or table or into a jar.

A little Change goes a long way….and it just may help save a life.

Olalo is ready for change...will it be yours?

Nyasaye Ogwedhi Merry