Letters Are In The Mail....

Letters are in the mail…. Today I dropped 16 letters off at the post office --one written to every student Olalo supports with school tuition, uniforms and school supplies. Sponsors wrote to their students, and Olalo wrote letters to those still waiting for sponsors. No one was left out.

My biggest surprise was that in order to get the letters there by any means other than the United States Postal Service would cost between $79 and $101.  We’re talking LESS THAN 9 OUNCES here! Just Letters! To Kids!

So needless to say, the USPS is the one who got our business! (less than $15 if you’re wondering) We’re just praying the letters arrive in the next 4-6 weeks!

The 16 letters were neatly packaged into one envelope and sent off to our man in Oyugis…Kennedy Nyando.  Ken is our incredible volunteer on the ground in Kenya. When the letters arrive in Oyugis, he will distribute them to the students, and then send return letters back to Oregon.  Ken’s service is invaluable to Olalo and he is so greatly appreciated.  THANK YOU, Ken!

Nyasaye Ogwedhi!


. (If you want to know more about Ken, request our September 2013 newsletter).