What Can You Buy for $14.28?

So if you're wondering, "What could I buy for $14.28?" Well, if you're in Oyugis, Kenya, the answer could be restored HEALTH!

On a recent trip to the hospital to see a doctor because of a nagging upper respiratory infection, these folks had to cough up 1,300 Kenyan schillings (Ksh) for treatment and medications...

Here's the breakdown....

80 Ksh for the doctor fee   $0.88 50 Ksh for a blood slide      $0.55 800 Ksh for antibiotic         $8.78 70 Ksh for another med       $0.77 100 Ksh for another med     $1.10 200 Ksh for cough syrup      $2.20

1300 Ksh      TOTALS        $14.28

And that's what you can buy for $14.28.

Thank you to all our supporters who donate their pocket change to our Change for Change Medical Fund.

We're restoring health and hope to those who need it most!

Nyasaye Ogwedhi! Merry