Change for Change Changing Lives....

Sonko and his friend Travis have been in Oyugis for almost 2 weeks now, and already so much has been accomplished.  Along with sharing the Gospel, they are coaching at the Oyugis Soccer Academy, meeting with parents/guardians, distributing donations of shirts (over 200 new), shoes, soccer balls, checked in with the Barber Shop-Charging Stations, and  paid the final term of school for all our students being sponsored and supported through Olalo of Hope-Kenya. Olalo's Change for Change Medical Fund program enabled them to take several people to the hospital for testing and for treatment.  A few have had recurring illnesses that required further testing to determine a more aggressive treatment to get to the root of the illness.  Just this weekend I received a picture of a young boy injured during soccer with a possible internal injury.  Thanks to our many Change for Change supporters, Olalo paid the "entire $22 bill" for the x-rays and hospital costs.  Though they are still waiting for the test results, this child would not have been able to seek out the help he yes, Change for Change....IS changing lives!

Nyasaye Ogwedhi!