YOU are Saving Lives in Kenya - Thank You!

On behalf of the many children, women and men that received urgent medical care in just the last month…and from Olalo of Hope-Kenya, we want to say THANK YOU! Your generous donations allowed Olalo of Hope-Kenya to provide the funds needed to get the urgent medical care for those who would otherwise go without due to their poverty.

Malaria, typhoid, diabetes, asthma, injuries, intestinal viruses...all diagnosed and treated in May, and most are on the road to recovery. None of this would have been possible without the generosity of our supporters...without YOU!

Most times the need for urgent medical care comes to Olalo through others who are aware of the need. Sometimes, it just happens. 

Like the day one of Olalo volunteers was talking with the pharmacist about our vitamin distribution plan when a woman runs in struggling to breathe. Gasping for breath, she pleaded for something to help but was told they couldn’t give her anything without permission from a doctor. In despair she said she had no money for a doctor. Our volunteer got her in a cab, brought her to the hospital and covered the cost of the cab, the hospital and the medication. 

Sometimes, it just happens. 

We are thankful he was in the right place at the right time, and because Olalo had the funds to get her help…that is all because of You and your generosity!

On June 15, GlobalGiving is running a campaign to match donations given online that day by 50%! If you would like to contribute to Olalo of Hope-Kenya to our medical, education or computer lab projects, check it out! It’s a great way to increase your donation without increasing your costs!

Thank you for joining with us at Olalo of Hope-Kenya to save lives and improve the health of those in need of urgent medical care!

With much appreciation….
Merry Broughal, Project Leader
Olalo of Hope-Kenya