Medical Moments Making a Difference

As I prepare to head back to Kenya in a few days, I want to take this opportunity to THANK every one of you who has given the gift of life and health through your donations to Olalo of Hope-Kenya’s Urgent Medical Care project.

You have allowed Olalo to step in and assist when medical help was needed. You have enabled Olalo to help people of all ages….babies and adults, young and old; people like these…

An 18-month old in the hospital suffering with meningitis; or a new mother suffering with complications from a c-section.

The number of days combined that they spent in the hospital is 12. Twelve days.

The total bill for both…everything included…$229.01.

Doesn’t take a lot to impact so many lives in need of Urgent Medical Care in Kenya.

It would be nice to say at some point the need to cover medical costs will be gone, eliminated, never needed again…but, even here in the U.S. where we have the best medical care, medical events will always occur, interventions will continue to be needed.

Heading back to Kenya soon will bring new needs to light, many coming to ask for help for themselves or loved ones. It is with your continued support we will be able to meet as many needs as possible.

And for that, we Thank You for allowing us offer hope, health and life through your generous support!

Nyasaye Odwedhu!
Merry Broughal
Project Manager