Thanks to You...He's Getting a Chance

Here is what this 15-year-old had to say….

“I had nobody to pay my school fees because my father abandoned our family and my mother had no job. Fortunately, a well-wisher paid my Term 1 fees and took me to school.

Before the end of Term 1 he got in an accident and he passed on. I was stranded but I did not give up to attend school. I went to the Principal and told him the difficulties I experienced as a student after which he decided to pay my Term 2 fees.

During Term 3 I did not have anybody to pay my school fees and this made me to face severe academic challenges because I could not be in school. In December I was very unfortunate to have my mother admitted in hospital since she was sick of a kidney disease. I remained alone from that time she was admitted and even now she has not recovered and is still in the hospital.

I went to the Principal and requested him to allow me to be in school after which he recognized my interest in education and allowed me in. I still have no one to pay my school fees. I feel sorrow in my heart due to my mother’s sickness. I pray to God to have mercy on her and enable her to recover. She is the only parent I have and in her absence I feel lonely.

I would be happy if I find someone to pay my school fees. This will enable me to focus on my academics. I would like to go to school and have a better life in future.”

What more can be said?

A 15-year-old pouring out his heart with hopes and dreams of a better future. This is what your generous donations to Olalo of Hope-Kenya’s education program funds…hope and dreams.

Thank you for partnering with Olalo to move these hopes and dreams into reality!

Merry Broughal
Project Manager